Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is one of my husband's traditions...as kids all four brothers would lay under the tree and gaze up at the lights.  What a great tradition!  His family did all sorts of cool stuff as kids...and I am intent upon doing the same with my kiddos.  And yes...that is a picture from this year.  So yes...our Christmas tree is already up.  We put it up about 2 weeks ago.  

Don't judge...I like to enjoy Christmas as long as humanly possible!!

So get yourself some nice Starbucks Hot Chocolate (oh...so good) and cozy up under your Christmas tree.  But don't hold your hot chocolate while you are under the tree...it'll burn your skin with it's scorching hot goodness...and your kids and husband...and it'll stain your pretty tree skirt you bought last year...and most importantly, YOU DON'T WASTE STARBUCKS HOT CHOCOLATE!! For Pete's sake...


Dawn said...

What a sweet tradition. Your picture turned out great.

I won't judge! I had my tree up until March one year! LOL

6HappyHearts said...

No judgy here sister : )
I think that is an AWESOME picture.
Keep sharing your family traditions, love to hear them...soo sweet!