Thursday, December 17, 2009

Are you Freakin' kidding me?!

I'm in luhhhhh-ve. This years Deluxe mascot was a freakin' adorable sock monkey handcrafted by Fried Okra. He was black and white and cute all over. So...naturally...upon arriving at Deluxe, my son gravitated to one of these little sock-simians. The Blue/Green/Tan on on the right is Vince, Ethan's new little buddy.

(I'm sorry, but, how cute are their hiney's? And those tails...the tail just kills me).

And since I loved them so much and couldn't figure out how to explain to my husband why I had the urge to buy one for myself and sleep with it every night....

I bought the little argyle cutie for my little niece (also a cutie). Her name is Paige (the monkey, not the niece). The niece's name is Hazel. Hazel purty is that?!

And, no...I could not resist the opportunity for a cuteness-infused photoshoot.

Seriously...go buy one. Like, now. You can get them here.

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