Monday, March 22, 2010

Proof of Heaven

If ever I need to remind myself of God's presence and movement in my life, there are a handful of places I can look. My husband, my kids, and (brace yourselves) my mother-in-law. This woman is one of my favorite people in the universe...a best friend for life...and a much-needed mother to me. She's a figure of grace and loveliness.

She single-handedly raised the four boys above...and they are four of the neatest guys I know (one in particular *wink*). Each one is ridiculously different save for one thing...they have a keen ability to love like their Mother...without compromise.

This one is my dear husband. I was drawn to his wild spirit (and forearms) from the start. His boyish charm persists, and I know who it was that cultivated the protective, strong confidence that he exudes.

This makes me want 4 boys.

Clearly, my children love her...their "Mammie". She loves them like her own.

And she knows how to have a good time too...

Her comedic side was passed to this one...the youngest...wearing the fake mustache and sporting the "Olan Mills" pose...

And her love and devotion to her kids has clearly transferred to my husband...I can see it every day in the way he loves. With his whole heart.

I love love love my mother-in-law. All the way to the moon, and back.

And she love love loves me back. Anthropologie style. She bought me these a-dor-uh-ble during her trip to Connecticut last year...

And these just this past week on her most recent trip there. More measuring cups! (notice a trend? I have a thing for them...)

As well as these rockin' dishes I can use as desk organizers.

The woman's got taste.

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