Wednesday, December 3, 2008


With Thanksgiving at our backs...I have yet to release the "What I'm Thankful For" mindset...only because one of the things I am most thankful for is always present in my mind.  

You love 'em, you hate ' just can't be rid of 'em.  And there is a grand reason for that.  God created families to act as our earthly support system (or, that's what they should be...everyone fails at some point).  Families are often like a bad matter how you want to shake it off, it stays with you for much longer than you would like.  I think this is God's plan.  You can drop friends much easier than you can drop family;  it is a much less complicated process (still painful, but less complicated).  Complicated, however, is the name of the game when it comes to family.  You can't simply drop them...because no matter how delectable that idea seems, you know the ties will forever be there. God's design.  

So...clearly from the diatribe above, you may deduce I've had some issues with family in my past.  You'd be right!!  And, I'm sure you're also wondering why Family happens to be what I am so thankful for!  I am just a ball of contradictions, aren't I?  Get used to it..there is no end in sight...

I've been lucky enough to marry into a kick-a@# family.  With all of the shortcomings in the other familial areas of my life, God was awesome enough to give me a family who did think it was important to build me up, instead of tear me down.   I have a great mother-in-law...she fills me with spiritual wisdom, and joy, and advice, and love, and re-affirmation, and...well...I really could go on forever.  

Marty's Grandmother...a woman full of grace and beauty...she's the person I want to become when I am grey and wrinkley.  She is the most generous person I've ever known...her Faith is written plainly across her face.

My brother is still one of my very best friends ever...I can tell that man anything (and his wife?  Don't get me started!)  My mom claims that we get along so well because we are 7 years apart, while I just think you'd be silly not to love him.  I didn't date much growing up...even when I did I was never totally satisfied...I know now that every guy I'd ever consider dating had to meet the standard set by my Bro.  To this day only one guy has.  

So...clearly I've been profoundly blessed by family...I am daily shown what Family should be (and what it shouldn't be).  

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Dawn said...

Great post Girl!!

I feel very blessed to have my family and Brett's family.