Sunday, December 28, 2008

This kid...

This kid just about does me in half of the time.  Of course...he has the capability to get away with murder...just look at him.  He's a charmer, a flirt, and as cuddly as they come.  He's just...sweet.  He is a sweet sweet boy. 

Some of my favorite phrases he's really started using...

"You no DO dat!" (with his tiny little finger wagging)

"Do dat duh deeuun" (aka "do that again"  He most commonly says this when Marty is throwing him through the air.  He's a bit of a dare-devil)

"I yuh you" (melts my heart...can't beat an "I Love you")

"Das sunny" (aka "that's funny".  We hear this all the time...everything is funny to this little squirrel monkey)

and what we hear most of all?

"I no yike dis" (he is the pickiest eater, we hear "I don't like this" all of the time)

What are your kiddos favorite sayings?  And MUST write them phonetically *smile*


Amy said...

Isaac's favorite thing to say is:

"Thatsth tho THILLY!!!" aka "That's so SILLY!"

Julia said...

I have spit on my face just reading that.