Sunday, May 31, 2009

MQ Answer

By very favorite non-Pixar disney movie.  I LURVE David obviously, this movie is primo for me.  I get so much more out of this movie than my kids do, I almost feel guilty.  

I don't let them choose the movie anymore.  Since this movie entered our house a week ago, it's all that enters our DVD. 

And I don't feel any guilt at all. 

So HA!

(and nice job Amy and Katie.  Squeak squeaken squeak squeakity squeaker.)


Katie said...

you owe me a new acorn!

Amy Cheatham said...

You just like David Spade because he looks a lot like your brother, huh? :) At least that's why I like him....David Spade, I mean. :)

Julia said...

The similarities are uncanny