Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's official: He is a boy

For those of you who are a friend to me on Facebook (add me, i'll love you back), or who follow me on Twitter (hartnhevn), you'll know that we had an eventful Sunday.  

While swinging in the neighborhood, Ethan forgot that you must hold on to the swing at all times.  He then proceeded to fly through the air and land face down on one of the wood beams that segregates the play area.  Ouch.

I was at Target with my Mother-in-law buying birthday presents for the little man (he'll be 3 on Friday), when Marty called me and told me what happened.  When we couldn't get the bleeding to stop, we decided to make a break for the ER behind our house.  

Now, I didn't even think it was a possibility to stitch the inside of the lip, so it never would have occurred to me to take him to the ER...but Marty, being a boy at one point in his life, proceeded to tell me "Yeah...they can stitch a lip."  Apparently most men know this.  

So, about 3 hours later we left the ER with 4 stitches on the inside of his lip, 4 on the outside of his lip, and a loose front tooth.  He even ripped that tiny piece of skin that connects the top lip to the top of the gums.  But even through all of the IV placement, and stitches...the only thing he's complained about at all is that darned cut on his shin.  Figures. 

Don't you feel just a little sorry for him?  (the boy knows how to work an audience.)


Melinda said...

Awww - poor thing. That last picture melted my heart!

kenziekylanmom said...

I feel for him and for you! When Kylan was 1 he feel at my MIL house on the tile and his front tooth went through his upper lip and they had to stich it up. I hated watching them put the stitches in...he screamed and cried! How's your little guy now???