Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Fuller Plate

In true "Julie" fashion...i've gone and added more to my plate.

You know...because I really REALLY need more to do, I'm aching for more to do with my oh-so-empty days.


So...I've opened another Etsy shop. Randomography. And it is as it sounds. It's the place for "everything else."

Like these paper flowers:

I LURVE this feels very Anthropologie to me. And don't we all love Anthropologie?

You can find my new shop HERE. If my sewing keeps heading the way it is now...that might end up in the shop too.

And maybe some of my 1980s mix-tapes.

Or corkboards.

Or screenprinted bags.


Are you beginning to see how special my husband is for having married me?

1 comment:

monica said...

i love your blog...

which means i am your newest follower.

just wanted to say hi