Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tulsa Flea Market Finds

I hit up the Tulsa Flea Market on Saturday for the first time ever...and was pleasantly surprised. Marty took Ethan next door (the upper level of the Quiktrip Building at the Fairgrounds) to the Gun Show, and Hannah and I pilfered the flea market.

I got the goods...

I went in looking for linens to use in my sewing...and found a great tablecloth, and some freakin' awesome hankies. I'm a total sucker for hankies.

My favorite find? These nesting canisters circa 1960s...
There are four of them...and I'm totally in love. Vintage love. Hippie love. Love, love, love.

Not sure if I want to add these hankies to my daily rotation...or add them into a sewing project. We'll see.

The Tulsa Flea Market is every saturday, 8-5, in the Quiktrip building at the Fairgrounds. Free entry.


SheezKrafty said...

I LIVE for the Flea Market! There's a reason we bought a house within walking distance ;) Good finds!

Adrian said...

Score! Love the canisters :)