Monday, September 22, 2008


I have a problem.  My house is a mess, dishes are piled dangerously high in the sink, mounds of laundry are accumulating in each room...all because I've been so consumed by my new addiction. This addiction hides not in the form of a needle or bottle...but in the pages of a book.  The Twilight Stephenie Meyer has consumed me for the past 4 days, and in those last 4 days I have read all four books in the series.  That's almost 3,000 pages read in the past 96 hours.  I've sacrificed sleep, nutrition, and chores just to be able to stay with the story of Bella and Edward. Insanity!

I have been known to do this in the happened most recently with Robert Ludlum's Bourne trilogy.  Once I start, I absolutely cannot stop.  I suppose I should be thankful that the part of my psyche that is prone to addiction seems to be confined to a literary habit...and a shoe habit to a certain extent.

My husband has never seen me like this (that shows you how little i've read in the near 5 years we've been married), and I think it freaked him out.  Of course, his dedication to reading doesn't extend past taking the Wall Street Journal into the bathroom.

He asked me "What are you going to do when you finish them all?" (which happened at 1:30p this afternoon)

"Lapse into a deep depression until another is released" I replied with a sad smirk.  It's the great letdown after such a wonderful high...inevitable.  

So...for anyone who hasn't read any of the Twilight series, pick it up today!  And be prepared to avoid your husband and children along with every other responsibility in your,  it is soooo worth it! 


kenziekylanmom said...

LOVE it! I just found this series last month and read them all in a has so horrible for my house and kids!

Dawn said...

Yep! I've read them as well and loved them.

I just ordered an Edward t-shirt to wear to the premier of the movie! LOL

While I was waiting for the fourth book to come out I told my husband to be prepared because when it got here NO ONE was to bother me! LOL