Monday, February 9, 2009

The Ballet!

I have a weakness for the fine arts.  Perhaps that can be attributed to playing the French Horn for almost 11 years...regardless, I enjoy everything having to do with theatre, Symphony, or Opera (on occasion).  

I wish to impart this love onto my kids, and so my mom and I took Hannah to the Tulsa Ballet's performance of Cinderella.  The dancing was incredible, the Stepsister's (played by men, appropriately enough) where hilarious, and Prokofiev's composition was just lovely.  If you are a classical fan...and you don't know're missing out!  And you probably know him even if you don't...he's responsible for Peter and the Wolf.  

Hannah actually sat through all three acts with minimal fidgeting (which was a small miracle), and really was enamored with the costumes and stage effects.  

After the ballet was over, we got to do the coolest thing...for a mere $25, you could purchase a ticket to "Cinderella's Ball", which bought you the chance to go up on stage after the show, have some refreshments, get a picture with the Ballerina and Ballerine that played Cinderella and Prince Charming, and some goodies.  This was VERY COOL.  One of the goodies that each kid got was an autographed ballet pointe shoe worn by Cinderella!  And it was a used pointe shoe!!  I may have gotten a bigger kick out of that than Hannah did.

I ran into one of my dear friends and her daughter at the ball, Jennifer Edwards of Jennifer Edwards Photography (  She is an incredible photographer...check out her website!  

My mom, being the rule-breaker that she is, totally snuck the girls inside the carriage to get pics (I was only slightly embarassed, I've had years to get used to her).  

It was the most wonderful afternoon...and you can bet your sweet bippy we'll be there again next time.  


kenziekylanmom said...

I was so sick that I never got around to getting us tickets for this...yes, I was a MAJOR slacker but my sister went with her daughter and had a great time too! Glad you loved it!

Julia said...

Major Slacker?! You had Pneumonia, lady!