Sunday, February 22, 2009

One of the best nights of the year

Yay!  It's my favorite TV-related night of the year...The Oscar's!  I don't care how out-of-touch I am with the movies nominated (and I'm REALLY out-of-touch this year!) I never miss an Academy Awards broadcast.  EVER.  

The Fashion, the Celebrities, the sheer-spectacle is just too much to be missed.  

Now...I had my reservations about Hugh Jackman hosting this year...I mean, what the heck?!  He's not a comedian!  Isn't that a prerequisite? So, I was setting myself up for not really enjoying the awards like I could have.  Boy was I wrong!!  The opening sequence with Hugh was GREAT!  He's got a great singing voice, can dance like nobody's business, and lets face it, girls...he's easy on the eyes!  Uh...and Funny!  

PLUS...the new director's of the awards had the right idea...there were lots of tweaks to this years show that really set it apart from past years' shows.  The crystal curtain, the orchestra ON the stage (FINALLY, A LITTLE LOVE FOR THE MUSICIANS OUT THERE!), the stage decor in general, seating of the nominees...I could go on...but my favorite new feature of this awards ceremony was the way they presented the actors/actresses awards.  I mean, whoever thought this up was a freakin' genius!  For those that missed it, they pulled 5 previous winners from the category to give the award.  Each former winner personally bestowed a lovely "thank-you" and "this-is-why-we-love-you-and-therefore-nominated-you" speech to their respective nominee.  Very heartfelt...I mean very.  I was tearing up! (not that that takes all that much, but still)

SO...way to go Oscar's 2009...Loved it.  

And the fashion...Oh yeah was a great year for romantic's like me.  This dress was my most favorite of all of them this year.  This would have been my wedding dress had I had the funds, and the figure.  
The fabric, the color, the pleating....*sigh*  Love it!

Now, I am a sometimes-Angelina fan.  Really, I almost always love what she wears, but sometimes she looks really pretty and elegant to me...and other times her face looks really, I don't know, odd.  But, she was really looking good tonight.  Love the dress...but my favorite part is the green earrings and ring she used to accessorize.  That punch of green was all she needed to make this outfit totally chic.  

I am a HUGE  fan of Marisa Tomei...ever since Only You (if you haven't seen gotta).  She has some serious hits-and-misses lately.  But this dress?  Fits her perfectly, and again with the pleating!  This is Mermaid done right. 
And talk about dreamy princess dresses...I was a big fan of SJP's dress.  Absolutely unique, but also absolutely SJP.  The butt-crack part on her hair drives me a little up the wall, but the billowey layers of sparkly fabric, sweetheart neckline, and belt (YAY!) sooooo make up for it.  Yay for Romance!!
And last, but sooooo not least, Kate Winslet.  Oh Kate, I've been a fan of yours from the beginning.  You've wooed me with your brilliant acting and outstanding role choices.  I think you're lovely, and real, and unpretentious.  And Kate, you pick some of the prettiest dresses.  That yellow one that one time?  And that red one last year?  And the one you wore to the Golden Globes? And now this one...Perfection! 

So...such a great year for Oscar.  And I've been saying it for years, but I'm going to do it next year...There will be an Oscar's party at the Colburn House for Oscar's 2010.  And everyone will have to come dressed in their red-carpet attire.  And Oscar's will be given out.  

Oh yeah...this is gonna be good.

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Michelle said...

I am totally inpressed with how quickly you posted this. I just finished watching and boom! There you are posting your stuff. I really enjoyed them this year and thought it was entertaining.