Friday, March 20, 2009

4 year old scandal

The following is the conversation I had with my 4.5 year old daughter at the lunch table today:



"Can I tell you a bad word?"


"When me and Ethan were playing by the fence those kids on the other side said a bad word" 

"Oh, yeah?  What was the bad word?"

"I don't want to get in trouble"

"You won't"

"Are you sure you won't get me in trouble?"

"I'm sure...I'd like to know what they said."

"Okay.  They said...(long dramatic pause)...POOPIE-HEAD"


Melinda said...

LOL - too cute! If she thinks "poopie-head" is a naughty word, you are obviously doing something VERY right as a mother : )

Katie said...

not poopie-head!!! heaven's no!!!!!!

too cute!!
just wait until she starts prefacing with "now i'm only QUOTING it, i'm not saying it. I'm QUOTING. remember that i'm QUOTING...."


Margo said...

hey...I bet those kids were mine and my sorry for the bad influence :) My nephew was just visiting and brought that new word with times! I guess it could be worse.

Julia said...

Margo...I dont think it was yours...Hannah and Ethan both said that it was the kids they were playing with in the hole under our fence; which would mean our next door neighbors. They are the potty-mouthed (pun INTENDED!) culprits!