Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MQ Answer

Yesterday's quote was from The Shadow.  The movie that began my love affair with Alec Baldwin.  (it was a short-lived affair, however...seeing as he is a little crazy.  Freakin' hilarious, but crazy).  

My brother and I went and saw this movie at the dollar theatre near our house in Houston in 1994.  I think we saw it several times within the span of a week...but I may have it confused with the other gazillion movies we saw there.  

Once, when we were watching The Three Muskateers at that same theatre, there was a stabbing outside in the lobby.  You could see dribbles of blood on the floor leading out of the theatre.  We both thought it was somewhat comical...seeing as we had just watched a movie with sword-fights galore.  

*sigh* I love Houston.  

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