Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I'm Here in the First Place

One of the first reasons I decided it was time to enter the blogging world was due to the insistence of my writing professor at OSU my Junior and Senior years. 

"Write!"  Teresa said to me, "Write whenever you can! Start a blog.  Something!"

So...I'm going to start doing short writing prompts on here to stimulate my writing-juices once again.  I miss the creative release...and no amount of Piggies & Paws, or making headbands satiates that need.  

I'd love to say that I'll do a prompt a week...but I'm no fool.  It's hard for me to stick to schedules.  So I'll just commit to doing it when I feel like doing it.  How's that for non-committal?  *smile*

So...I found this prompt on Writing Fix and really thought it was pretty here goes..

The Prompt:
"If life was a multiple choice test, what would be the first five questions on yours?  Write the questions and their multiple choice answers."

My Response:
1.  You're a newborn:  what is the purpose of life?
     a.  to poop
     b.  to figure out this bottle thing
     c.   to get used to these giant nice-looking people who are always around, particularly the     one  they call "Dennis"
     d.  to enchant said giants with my gaseous smiles
2.  You're a 6-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
      a.  to pick up dead birds, put them in your baby stroller, and act like they are your baby
      b.  to be mauled by fire-ants until your mom throws you in a mud-puddle
      c.  to swing, and swing, and swing
      d.  to race hot-wheels with your best friend Matthew
3.  You're a 13-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
      a.  to hate life
      b.  to hate myself
      c.  to be perpetually awkward
      d.  go away
4.  You're a 17-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
      a.  My life isn't my own:  I live it for Christ
5.  You're a 26-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
     a.  to love my husband more than myself
     b.  to serve my family
     c.  to be a Proverbs 31 woman
     d.  to raise my kids in the way of righteousness; encouraging, and loving them through every           season of their lives.
      e.  all of the above

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