Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Tis the Season...

I have two little snotpails running around...this one with a fever...

 So here begins our Fall!  It never fails that right around when I take my Christmas trip to Wichita, KS for Piggies & Paws, I get congested, and always end up losing my voice!  This year was just an added bonus however...not only am I sick, but so is every other member of my household.  If we had a dog...he'd be sick as well.  Sooo...WELCOME FALL!  It's good to have you here!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stating the Obvious...

Chrissie Hupman is my hero.  It must be said...she is one heck of an amazing person.  Kind, giving, helpful, selfless.  She's my family...and I love her!  Rock on sister!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All of those stickers...they are her "collection."  It's amazing how what adults view as "crap"...kids view as "collections".  I'm so afraid she's going to be a hoarder when she grows up.

Just a few more arms would be helpful...

Man...I wish I had superpowers.  I've always been a closet X-Men fan...and I mean always.  As a young girl I always gravitated towards X-Men while my little girly friends were totally wrapped up in My Little Pony.  My friends played with Barbie, I played with She-Ra (man...she kicked some serious @#$!).  Now, I'm not downplaying Barbie...no no...I actually still have the 40+ dolls I accumulated from the many Christmas' and Birthday's...but you better believe that mine always had some innate ability to read Ken's mind, or lift the white Ferarri into the air with her Psychokenetic powers.  

As I've become a Mom, my desire for superpowers has just gotten stronger...and more unconventional.  While it would be very beneficial to predict the future in order to manipulate the stock market, thus making it possible to actually afford to buy groceries or gas.  No...I find myself aching for just two more pairs of arms that could sprout spontaneously from my body in order to reach the sippy cup without having to take a step.  OR to be able to will my children to do what I want them to without repeating it 2, 3, 4 times. Boy, that would make potty training easy.  Better yet...there would be no diapers!  My baby would simply hop out of my arms, walk to the potty, and do it's business from birth!  Hallelujah!

The ability to find missing socks...bathe a child with my mind...clean a dish with the tap of a finger.  OH THE POSSIBILITIES!  I'd love to be able to literally make time with my hubbie.  *sigh*  That would be the one...that's my pick.  Now if my genes would just start to mutate...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DadGUM I love this website!!

Allright...new favorite website!!  Check out www.thepioneerwoman.com

This lady can write, cook, take beautiful pictures...and boy is she frickin' funny!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I have a problem.  My house is a mess, dishes are piled dangerously high in the sink, mounds of laundry are accumulating in each room...all because I've been so consumed by my new addiction. This addiction hides not in the form of a needle or bottle...but in the pages of a book.  The Twilight saga...by Stephenie Meyer has consumed me for the past 4 days, and in those last 4 days I have read all four books in the series.  That's almost 3,000 pages read in the past 96 hours.  I've sacrificed sleep, nutrition, and chores just to be able to stay with the story of Bella and Edward. Insanity!

I have been known to do this in the past...it happened most recently with Robert Ludlum's Bourne trilogy.  Once I start, I absolutely cannot stop.  I suppose I should be thankful that the part of my psyche that is prone to addiction seems to be confined to a literary habit...and a shoe habit to a certain extent.

My husband has never seen me like this (that shows you how little i've read in the near 5 years we've been married), and I think it freaked him out.  Of course, his dedication to reading doesn't extend past taking the Wall Street Journal into the bathroom.

He asked me "What are you going to do when you finish them all?" (which happened at 1:30p this afternoon)

"Lapse into a deep depression until another is released" I replied with a sad smirk.  It's the great letdown after such a wonderful high...inevitable.  

So...for anyone who hasn't read any of the Twilight series, pick it up today!  And be prepared to avoid your husband and children along with every other responsibility in your life...man,  it is soooo worth it! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alert! Scary Parental Moment!

Allright...it happened today...signs that my 4 year old is hopelessly growing up entirely too quickly.  She came home from school last week and said..."I held Jacob's hand today, but I'm not going to marry him.  I'm going to marry Bryce."  (Bryce, by the way, is at an entirely different school...LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!!!)

So...upon asking her more about the situation she divulged some more juicy details that no mother ever wants to hear from a 4 year old child.  It went a little like this...

Me:  "So...did you hold Jacob's hand today?"

Her:  "Yes"

Me:  "Did Jacob ask you to hold his hand" (My daughter is quite bossy...I can envision her grabbing some poor kids hand and telling him they would have a standing engagement for hand holding during school time)
Her:  "Yeah...Jacob says 'I want you to hold my hand and I want to love you'"

Me:  HYPERVENTILATION...I am clutching my chest and desperately searching for a parental book that deals with such a tragic exchange as this one.

SO...to sum up...as of now I look at my daughter in a totally different way, with awe and stupor of how she is growing up so fast, and really becoming quite the little lady.  And my husband, well, now he has the first name to add to his "boys not to trust" list that will keep getting longer the closer my daughter gets to adolescence! Good luck Jacob!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thrust upon the world...

Greetings wonderful world of writing to the masses (only to be heard by one or two close family members who can't find anything interesting to do).  If anything, I'd like this to be a gateway to revive my writing.  With two kids sucking all of my free time...it's difficult to find time to write anything at all, least of all the book my hubby keeps pushing me to write (the New York Times bestseller, that is).  
Anyway, here it is...my beginning.  We'll see what happens