Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Now for today's movie quote:  

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist.  And like that, poof, He's gone."

Good luck!

MQ Answer

Yesterday's quote was from The Shadow.  The movie that began my love affair with Alec Baldwin.  (it was a short-lived affair, however...seeing as he is a little crazy.  Freakin' hilarious, but crazy).  

My brother and I went and saw this movie at the dollar theatre near our house in Houston in 1994.  I think we saw it several times within the span of a week...but I may have it confused with the other gazillion movies we saw there.  

Once, when we were watching The Three Muskateers at that same theatre, there was a stabbing outside in the lobby.  You could see dribbles of blood on the floor leading out of the theatre.  We both thought it was somewhat comical...seeing as we had just watched a movie with sword-fights galore.  

*sigh* I love Houston.  

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I'm Here in the First Place

One of the first reasons I decided it was time to enter the blogging world was due to the insistence of my writing professor at OSU my Junior and Senior years. 

"Write!"  Teresa said to me, "Write whenever you can! Start a blog.  Something!"

So...I'm going to start doing short writing prompts on here to stimulate my writing-juices once again.  I miss the creative release...and no amount of Piggies & Paws, or making headbands satiates that need.  

I'd love to say that I'll do a prompt a week...but I'm no fool.  It's hard for me to stick to schedules.  So I'll just commit to doing it when I feel like doing it.  How's that for non-committal?  *smile*

So...I found this prompt on Writing Fix and really thought it was pretty rad...so here goes..

The Prompt:
"If life was a multiple choice test, what would be the first five questions on yours?  Write the questions and their multiple choice answers."

My Response:
1.  You're a newborn:  what is the purpose of life?
     a.  to poop
     b.  to figure out this bottle thing
     c.   to get used to these giant nice-looking people who are always around, particularly the     one  they call "Dennis"
     d.  to enchant said giants with my gaseous smiles
2.  You're a 6-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
      a.  to pick up dead birds, put them in your baby stroller, and act like they are your baby
      b.  to be mauled by fire-ants until your mom throws you in a mud-puddle
      c.  to swing, and swing, and swing
      d.  to race hot-wheels with your best friend Matthew
3.  You're a 13-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
      a.  to hate life
      b.  to hate myself
      c.  to be perpetually awkward
      d.  go away
4.  You're a 17-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
      a.  My life isn't my own:  I live it for Christ
5.  You're a 26-year-old:  what is the purpose of life?
     a.  to love my husband more than myself
     b.  to serve my family
     c.  to be a Proverbs 31 woman
     d.  to raise my kids in the way of righteousness; encouraging, and loving them through every           season of their lives.
      e.  all of the above

MQ answer, and New Quote

Yesterday's quote, which had no takers, was from Tim Burton's masterpiece (and one of the films where I fell in love with Johnny Depp (I say film, because I was a HUGE 21 Jump street fan)) Edward Scissorhands.  

I have a thing for unconventional love stories (Lars and the Real Girl, Twilight).  And I REALLY have a thing for Tim Burton (and Danny Elfman...he has a healthy respect for the French Horn).  I like 'em dark!

And now, for today's quote...

"The sun is shining...but the ice is slippery"

(somewhere, my brother's head is exploding)  Good luck everyone!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Movie Quotes!

Yesterday's movie quote is from one of my favorite comedies starring Jim Carrey.  My tolerance for Jim is wavering:  I hated Ace Ventura,  and Dumb and Dumber.  But I LOVED The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and...Bruce Almighty.  
Oddly enough...the reason I netflix'ed Bruce Almighty in the first place was because the pastor that does my Dad's Wednesday morning brunches each week included it in his message.  I was wholly surprised...until I saw the movie.  Sure there is some unGodly content...but man is there ever a lot of Godly content!  They discuss Free Will, the love of God, Praying for God's Will...I could go on.  And they discuss all of this with the grand interjections of Jim Carrey!!  Haaa!  Sweet Bliss!  

So...check this movie out TODAY if you haven't seen it.  You will not be disappointed!  (well...you might be disappointed, I really have no way of knowing if you'll like it...you  might prefer Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber.  What do I know?)


"You see, before he came down here, it never snowed.  And afterwards, it did.  If he weren't up there now...I don't think it would be snowing.  Sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it."


Friday, March 27, 2009

Movie Quotes has returned! Yay!

After a long hiatus...let us commence the return of Movie Quotes on My Life in Sweatpants.  

The winners get...my respect and adoration!  What a prize!!

Here we go...

"Is it my hair, Bill?  Are my teeth not white enough?  Or, like the great falls, is the bedrock of my life eroding beneath me? Eroding. eeeeeroding. eeeerroooooding."

Just leave your answer in the comments section, and I'll post the answer tomorrow!  Yay for movies! 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Please excuse me while I lapse into a teenage state-of-mind

Okay...a little disclaimer before I start this post.  For those of you who have no interest in the Twilight series, you have my permission to leave now.  You might WANT to leave now as the following will be a lot of blabber about said movie/books.  This has been a public service announcement.

For those of you who are as much of a 12-year-old dork as I am...please continue reading; if for nothing but the purty pictures so deftly nabbed off of the internet.  

I am a HUGE dork...I mean, I dork it up right.  And for some reason...my love for the Twilight series makes me feel like such a dork!  I mean, I'm a 26-year-old woman with kids, reading a saga intended for teenagers, starring teenagers, involving vampires and werewolves.  I'm somewhat ashamed and embarassed about my passion for these books (read all 4 of them within the span of 4 days).  

In true dork fashion, I was at the Walmarts at midnight Friday night/Saturday morning to get my copy of the DVD.  I hadn't been able to make it to the theatre's to see it, so you can imagine my excitement.  I was about 13 years older than EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the store that night...I felt like I had a huge 'I COULD BE YOUR MOTHER' sign stamped to my chest (really, though, if you do the math I couldn't be their mother...but you get the gist.  I wasn't carrying around a Hannah Montana backpack like everyone else...I was an outsider, people.)

I watched the movie immediately when I got home...which didn't put me in bed until after 4 am.  And, of course, watching the movie just made me want to read the books again...so I re-read all 4 books (with a generous amount of skimming) Saturday and Sunday.  

Yeah.  I'm doin' it Dorky-style.

So...because of my wealth of knowledge on the topic of Twilight (I use the term "wealth" lightly), I've decided to post my review of the movie.  And also because it's raining outside and I'm secretly pretending that I'm in Forks.  (Dorkalicious!!)

Stephenie Meyer clearly wrote the Twilight series with a teenage audience in mind...which is wholly appropriate considering the story involves teenagers.  The movie was also geared towards teenagers...heavily.  Very heavily.  I mean, like, totally.  

I enjoyed the movie, though not as much as I think I would have if I were younger.  The acting was fine (as with most teenage movies), but not spectacular.  I think casting was pretty good...Bella was spot-on, Edward took some getting used to, Charlie was my favorite, Jacob irritated the living daylights out of me.   

A lot of the things from the book would be amazingly hard to reproduce on film for inexperienced actors.  For instance, Robert Pattinson (who played Edward) tried to portray Edward's difficulty in smelling Bella...but I think most of the time he just came across as constipated.  Which is funny considering his diet.  You know...blood, rich in iron...Well I'm laughing anyway.  

And the pacing of the movie seemed off...another difficulty of turning the book into a film.  They just fell in love too darn fast.

The scene above, however, was great.  At the prom...talking about Bella becoming a vampire.  It was lovely.

And I'll be darned if That isn't exactly how I pictured Edward.  All cool and casual.  

But this scene above was my very favorite in the whole movie.  Edward has just saved Bella from a group of thugs in Port Angeles, and they are talking about what he is...that he can read people's minds.  You know, it's the "I feel very protective of you" scene...yeah...that one...

So after watching the movie, and re-reading the books...it dawned on me why this story is so wildly popular with teenage girls and middle-age moms alike...the love.  The throngs of teenage girls love this story because they are living it...the angst of middle school and high school, the boys, the whole atmosphere of young love.  It's such a hard time for girls...don't you remember just wanting someone to protect and love you at that age?  

Now, for the many Twilight Mom's out there...I've discovered the allure.  It's not so different from the one discussed above.  It brings us back to that time in our lives...the memories that arise in my chest are thick with detail.  The smell of my High-school cafeteria, the guy I found to be irresistible.  My first kiss.  Mostly it makes me think about when Marty and I were just dating...the breathlessness I would get from just being around him. The desperation when we were apart.  Those feelings dull after years of marriage, with kids and responsibilities washing away the passion that was once all we needed.  

So many of us out there dive into this love story for the thrill of it...the thrill of those resurrected feelings.  And for me...it serves as a wake up call in a sense:  I've gotten my Edward, why should the passion have ebbed?  So I'm going to be doing my darndest to surprise the heck out of Marty with how stinkin' romantic I can be.  I'm going to revert back to my passionate self and kiss him more, tell him more how cute I think he is, and let him know every second that I'm so grateful for who he is, and who I am with him.  

How about that?  Twilight as marital counseling?  Who woulda thunk it?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Summer of 69 Thrift Store Refashion Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

Summer of 69 Thrift Store Refashion Frock GIVEAWAY!!!!

This really inspires me to sew!  I already love thrift shopping...but am usually discouraged when I don't find things my size.  DUH!  If I learn to sew I can MAKE them my size!!  Looks like I might be asking for a sewing machine this christmas!

Friday, March 20, 2009

4 year old scandal

The following is the conversation I had with my 4.5 year old daughter at the lunch table today:



"Can I tell you a bad word?"


"When me and Ethan were playing by the fence those kids on the other side said a bad word" 

"Oh, yeah?  What was the bad word?"

"I don't want to get in trouble"

"You won't"

"Are you sure you won't get me in trouble?"

"I'm sure...I'd like to know what they said."

"Okay.  They said...(long dramatic pause)...POOPIE-HEAD"

Monday, March 16, 2009

Little finds

My super-awesome Mother-in-law and I went antique-ing in Jenks today on the hunt for vintage jewelry.  The little lovelies below might just find their way onto some of my feathered headbands...

These are my favs: 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Newness of Spring!

Spring is one of my favorite times of year...everything is new, I'm not perpetually frozen, and my white feet may once again see the light of day.  Hooray for Flip-flops!!

My meek garden is coming back to life, the little buds of long-dormant plants rising up out of the ground in search of the life-giving Sun.  
I've always felt that my faith gets a little boost every Spring.  It's just all so symbolic...the presence of Spring.  My own dormancy ends when the weather warms, and I find myself pushing through the layers of dead earth around me to embrace the Son, and to grow in His direction.   Spring=Rebirth.  It is a literary device used almost to exhaustion; but let me tell you a little secret:  I never get tired of this imagery.  Just as Christ died, and rose three days later...we see that eternal life comes from a symbolic death of our old-self.  
New buds are popping up all over my spirit...ready to burst forth with beautiful color and hope.
Buried with Christ...Raised to walk in the Newness of Life.

Out Damned Weeds!!  I Forsake thee!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Winner, Winner Chicken-Dinner!

Me...the gal who never wins anything, has had quite a winning weekend!  I won the above bracelet from the great etsy shop Musette from Jennifer's blog Simply Designed and Etsy Finds...and I am PUMPED to get it!   AND...while in Dallas on Saturday for the Texas Party, my Mother-in-law bought some scratch-off lottery tickets...and WE WON!!  A whopping $5!!!!!

Ahhh...it was a good weekend.