Sunday, December 28, 2008

This kid...

This kid just about does me in half of the time.  Of course...he has the capability to get away with murder...just look at him.  He's a charmer, a flirt, and as cuddly as they come.  He's just...sweet.  He is a sweet sweet boy. 

Some of my favorite phrases he's really started using...

"You no DO dat!" (with his tiny little finger wagging)

"Do dat duh deeuun" (aka "do that again"  He most commonly says this when Marty is throwing him through the air.  He's a bit of a dare-devil)

"I yuh you" (melts my heart...can't beat an "I Love you")

"Das sunny" (aka "that's funny".  We hear this all the time...everything is funny to this little squirrel monkey)

and what we hear most of all?

"I no yike dis" (he is the pickiest eater, we hear "I don't like this" all of the time)

What are your kiddos favorite sayings?  And MUST write them phonetically *smile*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Marty!  

My bounty is as deep as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.
--William Shakespeare

(my husband hates Shakespeare, but this isn't his blog now, is it?  I love me some Shakespeare...)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just a Quickie...

Due to the heavy volume of work I have to do...this is all you're going to get in the form of a post.  Please enjoy my youngest digging into the depths of his soul...or nose...whatever.

Monday, December 8, 2008

She is Mine!!

I was making one of my very favorite meals for myself yesterday (a baked potato) with one of my very favorite potato's (Yukon Gold)...when my daughter noticed something after I had pulled it out of the microwave.  It was a hot potato.  And quite wrinkley.  


My daughter saw the above sight and said "Hey!  Your lunch is smiling at me!"

The Heaven's parted, everything clicked into place...this girl was mine.  Oh, thank-you Lord for  my creative-minded daughter...she is everything I have ever wanted and more.  

Had Marty seen the above potato, his reply simply would have been, in very mannish form, "Lunch!"  I suspect the same from my little boy...but they're men, what can you expect in the Right Brain department?  

SO...take a look at the little yukon lovely up above and tell me, do you see the cute little smugish grin of a potato face?  You know you want to...

Friday, December 5, 2008

This Man

I love this man...whatever our souls are made of, His and mine are the same. (Emily Bronte)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


With Thanksgiving at our backs...I have yet to release the "What I'm Thankful For" mindset...only because one of the things I am most thankful for is always present in my mind.  

You love 'em, you hate ' just can't be rid of 'em.  And there is a grand reason for that.  God created families to act as our earthly support system (or, that's what they should be...everyone fails at some point).  Families are often like a bad matter how you want to shake it off, it stays with you for much longer than you would like.  I think this is God's plan.  You can drop friends much easier than you can drop family;  it is a much less complicated process (still painful, but less complicated).  Complicated, however, is the name of the game when it comes to family.  You can't simply drop them...because no matter how delectable that idea seems, you know the ties will forever be there. God's design.  

So...clearly from the diatribe above, you may deduce I've had some issues with family in my past.  You'd be right!!  And, I'm sure you're also wondering why Family happens to be what I am so thankful for!  I am just a ball of contradictions, aren't I?  Get used to it..there is no end in sight...

I've been lucky enough to marry into a kick-a@# family.  With all of the shortcomings in the other familial areas of my life, God was awesome enough to give me a family who did think it was important to build me up, instead of tear me down.   I have a great mother-in-law...she fills me with spiritual wisdom, and joy, and advice, and love, and re-affirmation, and...well...I really could go on forever.  

Marty's Grandmother...a woman full of grace and beauty...she's the person I want to become when I am grey and wrinkley.  She is the most generous person I've ever known...her Faith is written plainly across her face.

My brother is still one of my very best friends ever...I can tell that man anything (and his wife?  Don't get me started!)  My mom claims that we get along so well because we are 7 years apart, while I just think you'd be silly not to love him.  I didn't date much growing up...even when I did I was never totally satisfied...I know now that every guy I'd ever consider dating had to meet the standard set by my Bro.  To this day only one guy has.  

So...clearly I've been profoundly blessed by family...I am daily shown what Family should be (and what it shouldn't be).  

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Allright...took me a while to get this one up!  Our last movie quote was from X-Men...I love me some X-Men.   This weeks movie quote might be a little challenging...good luck!

"Oh yeah, Oooo, Ahhh, that's how it all starts.  But later there's running, and screaming"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movie Quote!

Allright...sorry for the delay!  Last week's movie quote came from a great little movie (my first introduction to Jack Black) called High Fidelity.  Great movie...You just can't go wrong with John Cusack.  And now for this weeks movie quote...

"You homo-sapiens and your guns"

Good luck!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


This is one of my husband's kids all four brothers would lay under the tree and gaze up at the lights.  What a great tradition!  His family did all sorts of cool stuff as kids...and I am intent upon doing the same with my kiddos.  And yes...that is a picture from this year.  So yes...our Christmas tree is already up.  We put it up about 2 weeks ago.  

Don't judge...I like to enjoy Christmas as long as humanly possible!!

So get yourself some nice Starbucks Hot Chocolate ( good) and cozy up under your Christmas tree.  But don't hold your hot chocolate while you are under the'll burn your skin with it's scorching hot goodness...and your kids and husband...and it'll stain your pretty tree skirt you bought last year...and most importantly, YOU DON'T WASTE STARBUCKS HOT CHOCOLATE!! For Pete's sake...

Monday, November 17, 2008

Halloween Run-down...A little late!!

At the insistence of family members...Here's a rundown of Halloween '08!

It was a Disney event...complete with a Princess.  Beautiful, Prim and Proper...

Our son was Buzz Lightyear (or "Buzz Cycle" as it sounds when he says it.  He was all laughs, until he stopped to contemplate the duties of a space ranger...
"Nobody understand the weight that is on my shoulders.  It's a tough job..."

And...we were infested with Spiders.  

All-in-all, a great Halloween...more candy entered our house than should be allowed by law.  If we pace ourselves correctly, we should still be munching on it this time next year!  (you think I'm kidding...)

Movie Quote!

Allright...our last posting of Movie Quote was from the lovely movie Enchanted.  Funny story...I've been crazy busy with work the past week or so...and Marty has been working some weird hours. keep the kids happy and quiet, I've let the wonder of DVD's babysit them a little.  Don't judge me.  My son gets to pick out the movie in the morning when his sister is at school...and for the past 5 days straight, he has picked out the same movie...Enchanted.  Much to my Hubbie's disdain.  I just keep telling him that it's the music and the swords that he likes the most...not the Princess!  Ha!

Please enjoy this next movie's a doozie...

"Top five things I miss about Laura.  One; sense of humor.  Very dry, but it can also be warm and forgiving.  And she's got one of the best all time laughs in the history of all time laughs, she laughs with her entire body.  Two;  she's got character.  Or at least she had character before the Ian nightmare.  She's loyal and honest, and she doesn't even take it out on people when she's having a bad day.  That's character.  Three; I miss her smell, and the way she tastes.  It's a mystery of human chemistry and I don't understand it, some people, as far as their senses are concerned, just feel like home.  (four);  I really dig how she walks around.  It's like she doesn't care how she looks or what she projects and it's not that she doesn't care it's just, she's not affected I guess, and that gives her grace.  And five;  she does this thing in bed when she can't get to sleep, she kinda half moans and then rubs her feet together an equal number of just kills me.  Believe me, I mean, I could od a top five things about her that drive me crazy but it's just your garden variety women you know, schizo stuff and that's the kind of thing that got me here."

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Movie Quote!

Allright...our last Movie Quote was from one of my favorite movies of all time...The Wedding Singer.  Clearly, I have a thing for the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore pairing in movies (just look at my favorite movies list below).  This is no exception...and it also happens to be the movie that spawned one of my nicknames...Julia Gulia. 

Allright...this next movie quote is from a movie I've watched once a day for the past three days. Have at it!

"Geez..I gotta lay off the nuts!"

PS...y'all have a real contender in the dear friend Katie has joined out little game!  Good to have you here KT...let's see if I can stump you!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Movie Quote!

Allright...I'm having a good time with this!!  Monday's movie quote was from the AWESOME movie French Kiss starring Kevin Kline (who I actually thought was French because of this movie) and Meg Ryan (in her good years).  If you haven't seen've gotta.  You will totally crack up! Who can deny a romantic comedy?!

Now..for today's movie's a short one...GOOD LUCK!  

"Not porno tongue.  Church tongue."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Quote!

For those who read the last Movie Quote and are dying to hear the answer...fret no more.  That heart-wrenching quote was from Hope Floats...great movie...check it out!

Now for today's movie quote...forgive the expletives...but they are what make it so funny!  Hope you get it!!

"You'll be one of those grumpy old men sitting in the corner of a crowded cafe, mumbling to yourself, 'My ass is twitching.  You people make my ass twitch.'"


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Movie Quote!

I have always loved movies.  Any kind, really...and apparently my closest friends in High School all had the same addiction.  I remember playing the "movie quote" game growing up with my 7-year-older brother, Dennis.  I highly doubt he invented the game, but man could he play it!  He would give me a movie quote, and I would have to tell him which movie it came from.  He always had quotes I didn't know, so I've made darn-sure over the years to keep up on my movie watching so when we are together I can stump him. It is a joyous event!

I was queen of the game in High School, though...I was hardly ever stumped (thanks to my years of tutelage under my brother).  So...let me introduce you to the game.  If you know the movie the quote comes from...leave a comment with your answer.  As soon as I get some major advertisers on my blog I'll start offering prizes!!  (don't hold your breath, though...)'s the first ever edition of the Movie Quote game!  

"Childhood is what you spend the rest of your life trying to overcome.  That's what momma always says.  She says that beginnings are scary, endings are usually sad, but it's the middle that counts the most.  Try to remember that when you find yourself at a new beginning.  Just give hope a chance to float up.  And it will..."

Good Luck!  

Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween...The Aftermath redneck are we?

It's Almost Game Day!

Tomorrow is a big big day...OSU vs. Texas Tech in Lubbock.  I'm sweating already!!  Go Pokes!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change, Indeed

Today is a great great day...know why?  The election is finally over!  No more obnoxious ads on tv cutting in to the really good Prime-Time programming I need to maintain my sanity!  Woo-hoo!


I weep for our nation.  If this election has taught me one is just to reinforce my belief that it doesn't matter who holds office in our country...for God is still on His throne.  He is still the one in control.  And though God may allow our new President to do what he may (REVELATION 13), God's hand is awash over all those who have placed their lives under the guard of his Holy Son, Jesus.  

As it stands now, I am on the watch.  Guard your hearts, Run to the Savior, and prepare yourself for a ride. the way, I LOVE LIVING IN A RED STATE!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Musings on my Daughter...

For those out there with a matter the age of your little girl now, there exists in us this unfathomable pit of doom awaiting in the future of each of our girls.  If you can name the movie that the following quote comes can certainly attest to sharing the same sense of dread that I do...

"Who presents this woman?  This woman?  But she's not a woman.  She's just a kid.  And she's leaving us.  I realized at that moment that I was never going to come home again and see Annie at the top of the stairs.  Never going to see her again at our breakfast table in her nightgown and socks.  I suddenly realized what was happening.  Annie was all grown up and was leaving us, and something inside began to hurt."

Oh know love makes you weep like a pre-menopausal woman...It's Steve Martin's "Father of the Bride."  

Seriously...who doesn't love this movie?!  And what is so lovable about his movie is that it speaks to the hearts of all mothers and fathers out there (ESPECIALLY Fathers...I remember seeing this movie in the theatre (I was 9 years old) and my Dad hiding the tears while my Mom and I bawled openly (I was a sensitive 9 year old)).  When my hubbie and I caught a recent showing of the movie on tv, he had to "get up and check something" several times.  

Here's the daughter is 4, and I am already dreading the day she gets married.  Of course it'll be a joyous day, and I'm sure that part of me will be more than happy to pass on the responsibility to a (prayerfully) capable man...but naturally, the other part of me tears up at the thought of this tenacious child leaving forever.  

SO....I will enjoy the many years I've got with her before she dons the white dress and veil...and be sure and load up on the Waterproof Mascara when the day arrives.  

Lord help my Husband...I just don't know how he'll survive it. 

Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh my...Ohhhh my...

Great Lawd-a-mighty.  That is a fine sight to see.  Thank-you Jesus for Dewalt cordless drills and my adorable husband. 

Fun at the Dentist's office...

Just a quick note to all those dental-procrastinator's out are not alone.  

After four years of skipped dental appointments (really, I'm not afraid of the dentist, I suppose I am just dentally-lazy), my tooth started hurting yesterday.  Coincidentally, this tooth was on the same side of my mouth that I haven't been able to chew on for almost a year...should've known something was up.  So I visit the nice people at Modern Day Dental here in Owasso, who are oh so nice...and they don't judge me for being a dental-recluse.  No dirty looks or gasps of horror...I was prepared for both.  

So...after about 2 hours in the office, a near-root canal (once he got in in there...he decided that I might not need a root canal...we're going to try some medicine first.  This impressed me very much!), and a new appointment to get my new crown put on...I'm back home.  Overall a pleasant trip, complete with a numb tongue and lip.  Tho weally I'm thalking like thith...and drool keepth ethcaping fwum my lipth.  

So take it from a sista who  neglected her dental duties for the past 4 years....DON'T!!  All it'll get you is a fat tongue, sore jaw, and little less fun money in your bank account.  

(Oh...and if you need a rockin' dentist...visit Modern Day Dental, and ask for Dr. Daniel Huynh.)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

'Tis the Season...

I have two little snotpails running around...this one with a fever...

 So here begins our Fall!  It never fails that right around when I take my Christmas trip to Wichita, KS for Piggies & Paws, I get congested, and always end up losing my voice!  This year was just an added bonus however...not only am I sick, but so is every other member of my household.  If we had a dog...he'd be sick as well.  Sooo...WELCOME FALL!  It's good to have you here!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stating the Obvious...

Chrissie Hupman is my hero.  It must be said...she is one heck of an amazing person.  Kind, giving, helpful, selfless.  She's my family...and I love her!  Rock on sister!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

All of those stickers...they are her "collection."  It's amazing how what adults view as "crap" view as "collections".  I'm so afraid she's going to be a hoarder when she grows up.

Just a few more arms would be helpful...

Man...I wish I had superpowers.  I've always been a closet X-Men fan...and I mean always.  As a young girl I always gravitated towards X-Men while my little girly friends were totally wrapped up in My Little Pony.  My friends played with Barbie, I played with She-Ra (man...she kicked some serious @#$!).  Now, I'm not downplaying no...I actually still have the 40+ dolls I accumulated from the many Christmas' and Birthday's...but you better believe that mine always had some innate ability to read Ken's mind, or lift the white Ferarri into the air with her Psychokenetic powers.  

As I've become a Mom, my desire for superpowers has just gotten stronger...and more unconventional.  While it would be very beneficial to predict the future in order to manipulate the stock market, thus making it possible to actually afford to buy groceries or gas.  No...I find myself aching for just two more pairs of arms that could sprout spontaneously from my body in order to reach the sippy cup without having to take a step.  OR to be able to will my children to do what I want them to without repeating it 2, 3, 4 times. Boy, that would make potty training easy.  Better yet...there would be no diapers!  My baby would simply hop out of my arms, walk to the potty, and do it's business from birth!  Hallelujah!

The ability to find missing socks...bathe a child with my mind...clean a dish with the tap of a finger.  OH THE POSSIBILITIES!  I'd love to be able to literally make time with my hubbie.  *sigh*  That would be the one...that's my pick.  Now if my genes would just start to mutate...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DadGUM I love this website!! favorite website!!  Check out

This lady can write, cook, take beautiful pictures...and boy is she frickin' funny!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I have a problem.  My house is a mess, dishes are piled dangerously high in the sink, mounds of laundry are accumulating in each room...all because I've been so consumed by my new addiction. This addiction hides not in the form of a needle or bottle...but in the pages of a book.  The Twilight Stephenie Meyer has consumed me for the past 4 days, and in those last 4 days I have read all four books in the series.  That's almost 3,000 pages read in the past 96 hours.  I've sacrificed sleep, nutrition, and chores just to be able to stay with the story of Bella and Edward. Insanity!

I have been known to do this in the happened most recently with Robert Ludlum's Bourne trilogy.  Once I start, I absolutely cannot stop.  I suppose I should be thankful that the part of my psyche that is prone to addiction seems to be confined to a literary habit...and a shoe habit to a certain extent.

My husband has never seen me like this (that shows you how little i've read in the near 5 years we've been married), and I think it freaked him out.  Of course, his dedication to reading doesn't extend past taking the Wall Street Journal into the bathroom.

He asked me "What are you going to do when you finish them all?" (which happened at 1:30p this afternoon)

"Lapse into a deep depression until another is released" I replied with a sad smirk.  It's the great letdown after such a wonderful high...inevitable.  

So...for anyone who hasn't read any of the Twilight series, pick it up today!  And be prepared to avoid your husband and children along with every other responsibility in your,  it is soooo worth it! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alert! Scary Parental Moment! happened today...signs that my 4 year old is hopelessly growing up entirely too quickly.  She came home from school last week and said..."I held Jacob's hand today, but I'm not going to marry him.  I'm going to marry Bryce."  (Bryce, by the way, is at an entirely different school...LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP!!!)

So...upon asking her more about the situation she divulged some more juicy details that no mother ever wants to hear from a 4 year old child.  It went a little like this...

Me:  "So...did you hold Jacob's hand today?"

Her:  "Yes"

Me:  "Did Jacob ask you to hold his hand" (My daughter is quite bossy...I can envision her grabbing some poor kids hand and telling him they would have a standing engagement for hand holding during school time)
Her:  "Yeah...Jacob says 'I want you to hold my hand and I want to love you'"

Me:  HYPERVENTILATION...I am clutching my chest and desperately searching for a parental book that deals with such a tragic exchange as this one. sum of now I look at my daughter in a totally different way, with awe and stupor of how she is growing up so fast, and really becoming quite the little lady.  And my husband, well, now he has the first name to add to his "boys not to trust" list that will keep getting longer the closer my daughter gets to adolescence! Good luck Jacob!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thrust upon the world...

Greetings wonderful world of writing to the masses (only to be heard by one or two close family members who can't find anything interesting to do).  If anything, I'd like this to be a gateway to revive my writing.  With two kids sucking all of my free's difficult to find time to write anything at all, least of all the book my hubby keeps pushing me to write (the New York Times bestseller, that is).  
Anyway, here it beginning.  We'll see what happens