Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Change, Indeed

Today is a great great day...know why?  The election is finally over!  No more obnoxious ads on tv cutting in to the really good Prime-Time programming I need to maintain my sanity!  Woo-hoo!


I weep for our nation.  If this election has taught me one is just to reinforce my belief that it doesn't matter who holds office in our country...for God is still on His throne.  He is still the one in control.  And though God may allow our new President to do what he may (REVELATION 13), God's hand is awash over all those who have placed their lives under the guard of his Holy Son, Jesus.  

As it stands now, I am on the watch.  Guard your hearts, Run to the Savior, and prepare yourself for a ride. the way, I LOVE LIVING IN A RED STATE!!


Dawn said...

Not only are we living in a red state... it is a really RED state!! Woot!! Woot! I'm just so thankful I don't live on any coast!

We just have to be in prayer for our nation - as always.

Obama will have to EARN our support and respect. Plain and simple. :) And, let me tell you... that will be hard.

6 Happy Hearts said...

Preach it sista!
Thanks for the encouraging reminder today : )
PS I finished Breaking Dawn last night. I'm going thru withdrawal from Edward & Bella. WHAT will I do w/time? Oh I know, catch up on all the laundry & housecleaning I've been neglecting ; )

Julia said...

Yeah..those withdrawals are bad...I've actually started re-reading the series at a slow pace. I've got it bad!! I guess it'll be you, me, Dawn and a crap-load of teenage girls at the premiere of the movie! Ha!

Anonymous said...

After this election, I think that there's many of us holding on tightly to our faith. It has reminded many of us that we're not in charge, but indeed God is. Now I just hang onto my hope and keep on praying. I know something will come of this.