Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Oh my...Ohhhh my...

Great Lawd-a-mighty.  That is a fine sight to see.  Thank-you Jesus for Dewalt cordless drills and my adorable husband. 

Fun at the Dentist's office...

Just a quick note to all those dental-procrastinator's out are not alone.  

After four years of skipped dental appointments (really, I'm not afraid of the dentist, I suppose I am just dentally-lazy), my tooth started hurting yesterday.  Coincidentally, this tooth was on the same side of my mouth that I haven't been able to chew on for almost a year...should've known something was up.  So I visit the nice people at Modern Day Dental here in Owasso, who are oh so nice...and they don't judge me for being a dental-recluse.  No dirty looks or gasps of horror...I was prepared for both.  

So...after about 2 hours in the office, a near-root canal (once he got in in there...he decided that I might not need a root canal...we're going to try some medicine first.  This impressed me very much!), and a new appointment to get my new crown put on...I'm back home.  Overall a pleasant trip, complete with a numb tongue and lip.  Tho weally I'm thalking like thith...and drool keepth ethcaping fwum my lipth.  

So take it from a sista who  neglected her dental duties for the past 4 years....DON'T!!  All it'll get you is a fat tongue, sore jaw, and little less fun money in your bank account.  

(Oh...and if you need a rockin' dentist...visit Modern Day Dental, and ask for Dr. Daniel Huynh.)