Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Musings on my Daughter...

For those out there with a daughter...no matter the age of your little girl now, there exists in us this unfathomable pit of doom awaiting in the future of each of our girls.  If you can name the movie that the following quote comes from...you can certainly attest to sharing the same sense of dread that I do...

"Who presents this woman?  This woman?  But she's not a woman.  She's just a kid.  And she's leaving us.  I realized at that moment that I was never going to come home again and see Annie at the top of the stairs.  Never going to see her again at our breakfast table in her nightgown and socks.  I suddenly realized what was happening.  Annie was all grown up and was leaving us, and something inside began to hurt."

Oh yeah...you know it...you love it...it makes you weep like a pre-menopausal woman...It's Steve Martin's "Father of the Bride."  

Seriously...who doesn't love this movie?!  And what is so lovable about his movie is that it speaks to the hearts of all mothers and fathers out there (ESPECIALLY Fathers...I remember seeing this movie in the theatre (I was 9 years old) and my Dad hiding the tears while my Mom and I bawled openly (I was a sensitive 9 year old)).  When my hubbie and I caught a recent showing of the movie on tv, he had to "get up and check something" several times.  

Here's the kicker...my daughter is 4, and I am already dreading the day she gets married.  Of course it'll be a joyous day, and I'm sure that part of me will be more than happy to pass on the responsibility to a (prayerfully) capable man...but naturally, the other part of me tears up at the thought of this tenacious child leaving forever.  

SO....I will enjoy the many years I've got with her before she dons the white dress and veil...and be sure and load up on the Waterproof Mascara when the day arrives.  

Lord help my Husband...I just don't know how he'll survive it. 

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Dawn said...

Isn't this the truth!!! I just pray they marry someone I like! LOL