Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ASPARAGUS: It's doesn't just make your pee stink...

Much thanks to my bloggy friend Melinda over at Bloggin' it from the 'Burbs for posting about this EXCEPTIONAL idea last week of using asparagus in a less-than-traditional way.  This was incredibly easy to do...and looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.  And I do say so.

I couldn't hunt down a rectangular vase at the Walmarts (all of the renovations they are doing to ours is driving me CUH-RAZY!) I just used a plain-jane circular one.  It doesn't work near as well as an angular one would...but it's alright.  

I got some Gerber Daisy's (my fav), and Tulips while I was at the store; Asparagus is on sale for Easter, so Jackpot!  And I used some stock ribbon I had in my office (it's a freakin' scrapbook store in there right now because of Mother's Day/Father's Day season for Piggies & Paws.)

You can get the instructions from Melinda's blog HERE.  And...oddly enough...I just noticed that we used the same ribbon on our arrangements!  Bizarro!   What is the saying?  Incredibly stylish rockin' moms with wonderful ideas and the ability to copy said ideas, think alike?!  I THINK SO!!
Do it.  Go gitcha some flowers and asparagus.

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