Monday, April 6, 2009

Goodbye, Goodbye, Walk away, it's time to say Goodbye

So, I don't know if anyone caught the ER Finale last Thursday, but I've been so weepy about the whole darn thing that I haven't been able to post about it until now.  

Well...not really.  But nearly.

I've watched ER since the Pilot episode 15 years ago.  15 Years, people!!  I was 11 when I first saw Carter, Benton, Lewis, Ross, Hathaway, and Greene.  What a show that was!  The excitement was palpable.  

It really was the show with everything going for it.  Spielberg was involved, Michael Crichton was the writer.  And not to mention to of the most important words in the English language:  George Clooney.

I consistently watched for the entire 15 years it was on the air.  It had ups and downs after the original season...but I continued to watch.  And now it's gone.  And I'm sad.

What on earth am I going to do at 9pm on Thursday nights?  It's like my standing date has suddenly upped and abandoned me.  I've been left sitting at the table staring at an appetizer I can't possibly finish by myself.  (I resort to food analogies when I get depressed).

Anyone else out there have an ER shaped hole in their chest?

(Psst...can anyone name the song/artist the title to this post belongs to?  Serious cool points to anyone who can.)

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Katie said...

only one of the awesomest bands of the 90s ever!! plankeye, my friend!!

ya know, as much as i loved them, i never owned any of their albums. it's a shame. but now i can get them for a couple bucks. it was all in my plan to save my money as a teen (yeah, right!).

i have to admit, while i watched the first couple of seasons, and it was pretty great back in the day, i just couldn't stick with ER. and then everyone left and i just missed the old gang!! when did noah wyle leave? cause i think he was the only original cast member up to that point who stayed in every season. sure, some people came back after a couple years, but our little carter was tried and true. *sigh*

i may just have to netflix those early seasons. i'm off!

love you girl!!