Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She's Heeereee!

Everyone (or, like, the 5 of you who actually read this blog), I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite little niece.  This girl is going to be getting a buttload of cute little shoes from her Aunt Julep!  

Isn't she sweet?  Hazel Eveline...born early this morning...8 lbs 14 oz.  

*sigh* I think my ovaries just skipped a beat.  Can't you just smell her head from here?  And just look at the armpit fat...ughhhhh.  That's my favorite fat on a baby.  Oh, and the thigh fat....the thigh fat is the sole reason we even have two children.  Once you squeeze it, you just never can fully recover.

That's my lovely sis-in-law Amy with little H.  

And do you remember me telling you how cool my brother, Dennis, is?  Well...here's more proof.  When Isaac was born (the adorable boy below), Dennis designed shirts for everyone that said "I like Ike".  We wore them at the hospital when he was born.  

For Hazel...he really outdid himself.  The shirt is below, on my ridiculously cute nephew...

Oh yes...I'm definitely a Hazel Nut.  And I'm going to get my butt to Dallas asap to see her!


Dawn said...

She is just precious!! Congratulations auntie!!

And, that nephew with that t-shirt is just scrumptiouslicious!!! How stinkin' cute!!

Soxy Deb said...

I jumped over from Dawn's place (Dawn's Diversions) cause I saw a baby pic. I can't resist a baby pic.
The belly. That's what does it for me. Blowin on the belly. Oh and the toes. Love me some baby toes.
Congrats to you all! She's a beauty!

Katie said...

when you come, any way we can do lunch or coffee? just to see you for a bit would be totally awesome!

Julia said...

Katie, HECK YEAH!! I plan on heading down May 11th and staying for 3 or 4 days. Gimme your phone number on FB and I'll call you when I come through McKinney! Yay!! I need me some KT.

Melinda said...

Awwww - Once again my womb is screaming at me "HAVE MORE BABIES!!" What a doll!