Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beckoning Spring...

I'm willing Spring to get here faster by making yet another outfit. This time from the Gap. The great thing about this outfit, is you probably have these essentials in your closet we go...

Button-down plaid shirt (go to Goodwill to find one, they are such a great resource, especially the men's section)...

Cardigan. I live by cardigans. I love them so much I want to ask them into my heart.

Jean shorts. And can I get an AMEN for the nice mid-length?! Perhaps the fashion industry is finally realizing that seeing 90% of anyone's thigh is unflattering.

SKINNY BELT. I want and need a skinny belt in my life. This particular skinny belt is going to be worn OVER the shirt and cardigan, cinched just a hair above your belly button. I belt's almost ridiculous.

And how flippin' cute are these sandals? The straight embellished line on the front of the sandal will mimic the line of your leg, and end up lengthening you. And the lack of a tight ankle-wrapped strap will keep you from having the "fat ankle" that we all dread.

And paint them toenails...mercy.
I'm willing the weather to warm...more outfits to come!

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