Friday, April 23, 2010

Blog Love--New Dress a Day

And now for a new segment here on My Life in Sweatpants. Blog Love Fridays. A new blog that i've fallen in love with every friday. Let's do this.

I can't even remember where I first found out about the fantastic New Dress A Day...but since that day my life has forever been changed. For reals. Since I've started on my path to becoming the worlds greatest seamstress (stop laughing), I've been totally sucked in to many sewing blogs. But let me tell you a secret...this one is my favorite.

This super-cool chic Marisa decided, after being inspired by Julie & Julia, that she'd embark on a fashion journey for one year. With 365 days, 365 dollars, and 365 items of clothing.

Check out some of my favorites...

Lemme break it down for you...she buys thrift store items, and refashions them to something FATNASTIC. My favorite part though...she's not doing anything super-complicated to these pieces...we're talking smart alterations and innovative re-purposing.


And she's frakin' adorable on top of it. Our local Goodwill has seen a rise in profits from me due to this blog.

Go check out New Dress A Day and just TRY to keep yourself from hitting the "Older Posts" button until you've reached the beginning.

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SheezKrafty said...

Thanks for sharing! What a great blog!