Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I just had to...

Now, I know I said that all Feather by Feather posts would be contained to the blog I set up for it HERE, but I really couldn't help myself...I had had to share this little lady with all of y'all. er...the 6 of you who read this. (that's not bitterness you hear...just good 'ole feelings of failure).

Little miss Presley modeled the newest addition to the Feather by Feather line...Infant headbands! Completely impractical (unless your baby doesn't feel the need to grab at anything on their head with the strength of 10 grown men), but oh-so-stinkin-cute.

They'd make a great prop for pictures! Besides...they give me an excuse to make baby things. Hopefully I'll be making baby things for my own baby in the next year.

Ovaries...what are they good for?

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