Sunday, April 11, 2010

Playing with iPhoto

I've been taking my iPhoto editing options for a spin lately. I could tinker with saturation levels, and contrast all day (regardless of the fact that I have zero idea what those things actually mean).

This was Ethan on Easter...and I just really love the peach feels very Easter-y to me.

These were taken at my husband's grandmother's house. We call her Nanny. And I love her.
Her house backs up to the bayou...and I can't help but take some pictures of "the flats" when we're there.

I tinkered with exposure and contrast on this one...and I really really like it.

And the same picture with some funky greens going on. This one seems really ethereal to me...and it matches my office perfectly. Decorating on the cheap!

This might be my favorite self-portrait (you know, because there's such an expanse to choose from. I simply *adore* taking pictures of myself).

Just think what I could do with a better camera and Photoshop! *chills*

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