Friday, April 2, 2010

J Crew Love

I'm sorry, but...I love this trend. At first I thought it was ridiculous, socks with high heels and nary a pant in sight...but now; I'm hopelessly in love.
There's something so sweet about it...kind of a nerdy sweet...but that's even better. Apparently, I'm very drawn to the whole "I don't know why I love that, but I totally do" look.

I'm not sure if I have the chutzpah to pull of this look (or attempt for that matter)...but I commend those who can and do pull-it-off with success.

Marty would have an absolute field day with it, I guarantee. When he saw me in my blazer with rolled up sleeves the other night (and my aviators), he queued up the Miami Vice theme song for my benefit. Nice.

What do you think about this trend? Love it? Hate it? Would you try it?

1 comment:

kenziekylanmom said...

I could NEVER pull this one off but I totally think you could!