Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everything is Blooming Most Recklessly

In the words of Martin Luther King Jr...."Spring is here, Spring is here, thank God Almighty, Spring is here!"


That's not right...

The breath of Spring has blown right on through Oklahoma, alongside the horrid 30+ mph winds. Seriously ridiculous winds. Hailing from Houston where the wind DOESN'T blow...I'm wholly unprepared for these gusts.

I mean...give a friggin' break and let me enjoy this fantastic weather with a DRESS why dontcha?

Pistol Pete is in need of a serious paint job....poor guy. That's my next project.

Tulips...oh how I love Tulips. I bought 150 daffodil/tulip bulbs last September for super cheap at Lowe's (most had mold on them). I planted them and prayed prayed prayed that they would surface this spring. I'm notorious for killing things, and bulbs just seem like a big, fat leap of faith to me. You take this bulb, plant it, and then WAIT for, like, a million years to see if it will actually flower. Seeing as I have the patience level of a fruit fly, this was a bargain at best.

In February when I started to see little green nubs emerging from the soil my heart did a little happy dance...for real. I promptly commenced with counting the emerging nubs on a daily basis (ridiculous much?) and giving Marty the latest headcount over dinner each night.


Him: "That's great"


Him: "yeah...that's great"

Me: "20! Out of 150! That's not great...that's AMAZING!!"

Him: "yeah..amazing. We should alert the local news stations."

Me: "Funny...I thought you enjoyed sex? Apparently not." of now 143 bulbs are popping up through our nasty clay soil. SUCCESS!! And i've read that lilies/daffodils/tulips are a great investment, because they tend to at least double with each flowering. So next year our beds will be even more filled out and lovely.

Even our burning bushes (which I was 100% certain I had killed) are budding out in fantastic green leaves.

However...we did have a fatality...of the yew variety...

She's supposed to look like this...

Yikes. I'm totally reluctant to dig it up, a few families of birds have begun nesting in it. The kids love that.

Emboldened by my bulb triumph's...i've added a member to the family.

An orchid. Uhhh of the most intimidating species of flowers, the diva of the plant world, if you will, and I've convinced myself I can keep it alive and thriving. We'll see.

She really is just the perfect color of yellow for the new office, though. So I had to have her. I'll love her until she betrays me and then I'll drop her like a bad habit.

Healthy, huh?

I have horticulture issues that run deep and wide.

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kenziekylanmom said...

I love spring and all the beautiful flowers! Hey, we are looking at a house in your neighborhood...