Friday, September 3, 2010

From the same belly

If ever I need convincing that God is a creative being, I need look no further than my two kids. It's a very comforting thought for me, a creative individual, to revel in the fact that the Creator is, in fact and form, an artist. That He took such care and concern to be darned sure that each person on earth is an individual...unique and special.

My kids are proof of this.

That two kids from the same set of parents can turn out so radically different is bewildering to me.

My daughter is a free spirit, full of creative energy and whimsy. She's a lot like me, to be a fault sometimes. I've seen my "divergent thinking" rear it's (sometimes) ugly head many times with her. But like all creative types, I think the way her brain skips around will lead to an artistic life (which is even more reason for me to be praying for her future mate right now).

When she feels, she feels with her soul. And she feels with her entire body...she's transparent with her emotion, which I love. Joy is simply a way of life for her. Not that she's always joyful, but more often than not, she is.

She's never needed anyone to *do* for her. She's fiercely independent, and the one trait she inherited from my husband is her stubbornness.

Now, I was a stubborn child. But Marty? Marty has held the title of "Most Stubborn Person Alive" 29 years running. You simply do not tell him what to do, because the minute you try, he sets himself against the idea (despite whether it has value or not). Much of our "heated fellowship" (read: arguments) stem from this lovely trait.

Marty has a contender for the title in his very own daughter. Sometimes I see the way my mother-in-law looks at my daughter with a funny little smirk on her face. Like she's silently telling Marty "now you'll see the patience I had to develop to deal with you."

My daughter is a Daddy's Girl, unless she's hurt or throwing up, in which case I get to take the helm. Such is the plight of Mothers. I'm thinking that when she grows up she may find more of a need for me, perhaps to give her tips on how to control her creative spirit (or let it loose), but for now I mostly watch...waiting.

My son is an entirely opposite force of nature. While his sister is a furious storm of passion and action, he softly breezes in, relaxed and thoughtful. He has an innate need to make people feel better, whether with a hug or a ridiculous face. This child was given the gift of compassion at birth. It's shocking at times, and a human as small as he is has such capacity for emotion.

He is shy, and reserved. You can always tell when he's thinking about something, because it radiates from him. And he is always thinking, and analyzing. It's in this way that he is mostly like my husband, minus the stubborn streak. My husband has an engineer's brain. He can fix anything, figure out the way things work and succeeds at everything he tries to do. He's comfortable with his close friends and family, and lives in a world of black and white. My son is this way too. Where my daughter and I see life in myriads of grey's, the boys in our house are quite happy to sort all of life's issues into one of two piles: right and wrong.

It makes for an interesting house.

My son is all mine. A typical Mama's Boy, though he's been gravitating to my husband a lot lately (something i'm very thankful for). He's a lover, often hugging you without cause, telling you he loves you when he can't think of anything else to say, and never wants to be without a hand to hold.

And he's prone to whining. Help me Rhonda.

His heart is as big as his head. Which is saying a lot.

He watches very closely what his sister does, and learns from her. She is the center of his world: the only person who can cause him such great joy and frustration in the same breath. She's the only person he needs acceptance from.

The only quarrels in our house between the two are when she's stingy with it. It's an odd concept for her to grasp, as she doesn't need acceptance from anyone, for anything, which can make her a horrible encourager.

He astoundingly patient.

That two kids could be so different, and yet love each other the way they do is fantastic.

As a parent, the real fun began with two children...just watching them together is entertainment enough for me.

Because, they are ridiculous. Children in general are ridiculous; I just happen to think I got two of the MOST ridiculous created.

I mean...really?


Briana Shepley said...

What great children and what a great post :) they are lucky to have a mom like you :)

Heather said...

What a sweet post! Our girls sound a lot a like. I feel like I'm raising a musical theater major ;) and there's always drama!~

izzy said...

Awwww...such a sweet post.. Perfect shots.. No one knows a child better like their own mummy.. <3