Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Day for a Picnik

I'm sure i'm the last person on this bandwagon (as usual) but I just discovered Picnik.

I have a measly 5.1 megapixel Sony Cybershot camera. It's 6 years old. I would LOVE a nice, new, fancy-schmancy DSLR camera...BUT...the one I love is, like, 3GRAND. So. Yeah.

Here's the thing...I'm uber-impressed with some of the pictures
I can get off my camera. I hate the flash...I nev
er use the I certainly have to have heaps of patience waiting for my subject to be perfectly still, but I can get a decent picture on my 'ole 5.1. Take that 13 MP!! is even more reason for me to avoid buying a new camera. Dude...Picnik is, like, FREE PHOTOSHOP. (I lapse into surfer-speak when i'm excited).

Upload your pictures for free...edit them in fancy ways for free...can't beat that. AND if you want the super-fancy features, it's $24.06 for a years subscription. I could edit the crap outta my photo library in a year.



AFTER: (1960s and boost effect applied)
And again:

I'm totally digging the 1960s effect.

So...go check out and prepare to spend hours upon hours justifying to yourself that buying a new camera is ludicrous.

What? That's just me? Really?

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No Big Dill said...

Julia, I am pleased to inform you that you are the winner of the gingher scissors! Email me at with your address and I"ll send them on their way!